Progress on Tabletop Realms

Tabletop Realms is coming along nicely. Dynamic lighting, removable objects, new UI (not shown much here), and more.

Posted by Jared Twing on Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Progress on Tabletop Realms is coming along nicely!

  • UI is nearly done.
  • Clickable objects work.
  • Dynamic lighting works.
  • Movable objects!

So excited to share these interactive maps with the world!


Welcome to the InCharacter Games site, home of Araellia: the Dark Ages powered by the Cinematic Roleplaying System (CRP). Here you will find the complete alpha rules of the game, which you can easily modify to fit your own setting. If the alpha rules are well enough received, we will be looking at publishing them to DriveThru RPG with a Print on Demand option. The setting information for Araellia is still under development, but we will be posting some of it here.

Tabletop Realms

It’s also the home of Tabletop Realms. An multimedia/mapping system built in Unity for display on a flatscreen on the tabletop. We used it when we play Araellia. It allows for maps to be displayed for the players, with a scale suitable for miniatures.

Have a look around, try out the rules your self, and if you have feedback, feel free to send it to me at