Character: Lysandra

Twenty years ago, Lysandra lost almost everything she knew and loved, but gained immortality. Able to maintain her parent’s estate, the noble woman now spends her days looking for entertainment and finding ways to sate her ever present hunger.

Gifted with the powers of Entrancing Gaze, Lysandra could easily take the blood she needs from those she has entranced. Instead she prefers willing victims, convincing through wiles and charm mortals who adore her to give willingly. In return she dotes on them and protects them, just taking however much she needs and spreading her feeding across many willing donors rather than kill anyone.

Originally approached by the Court, she quickly found their tactics and goals repugnant. Instead she has found her friends and allies in the rundown west side of Edgington’s most notorious brothel, the Wayward Wench. There she has joined the Danse Macabre, a group of rebels and freedom lovers centered around the brothel’s enigmatic and beautiful owner, Dialah.

Author: Jared Twing