Darkness Within

Monstrous characters fight to maintain their humanity in the dark ages.

More information as it develops. This is the game I always wanted to play and is one that is a passion project for me. The character focused game where the motivations of the protagonists are as important as their attributes or skills. Set in 1352 England, the game focuses on a city ravaged by the plague, famine, and unrest (religious, political, and social). The game leans hard into the Gothic horror and Gothic romance tropes, while updating a few of them for modern audiences.

Influenced by Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Penny Dreadful, Ravenloft, and World of Darkness with a new system that asks players why they are taking action. Join the Inquisition or fight against its injustice. Be a noble or work to tear down the feudal system. Live, love, laugh, and cry as you explore the tragic, haunted lives of flawed heroes in a Gothic horror setting.