Month: October 2018

Chapter 4: The Jeweled Skull of Chaos, or Giving Vostor a Hand

Wildday, Fertility Week, Storm Season, 1625

The heroes have come into the woods beneath the Shadow Plateau to prepare it for Lieren’s peoples’ arrival in a few short weeks, there they encountered a large encampment of trolls. Read More

Chapter 3: Back to the Woods, or More Trolls

Fireday, Fertility Week, Storm Season, 1625

As the cold winds of Storm Season blew through the quiet streets of Laodice, Lieren walked through town, looking pensively about for any of her former companions. Eventually she made her way up to the manor, where a servant bowed and took her to see Illiaro. The Humakti was doing what he always did, training. Lieren cleared her throat, something she noticed humans did when they needed someone’s attention. Read More