Month: August 2018

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins, or How I Came to Hate Rock Lizards

Freezeday, 6th week of Earth Season, 1625

East of Nochet, in the plains beneath the Shadow Plateau there lies a manor house of Mirava, daughter of Celesta, of the Hulta Clan. However, this is not her story, it is the story of those that surrounded her, and their rise to greatness. Read More

New Blog Reset

Hey all, new blog. Who dis? No? Yeah, I’m not funny.

Anyways, things have gone poorly for my last endeavor, so I’m shelving that to focus on my writing.

This blog will be about that when it can be, or a place to dump things I find interesting that I want to say, but don’t feel facebook is the right format to say it in.

Likely going to start off with session recaps for my latest tabletop game I’ve been running, Runequest: Adventures in Glorantha. Who knows where it will go from there. Read More